Monday, May 26, 2008

Selangor Pas admits to secret meetings with Umno on crossing over

NST (14/3/2008): Selangor Pas and Umno leaders held secret meetings immediately after the BN Selangor government fell to the opposition but Pas assemblymen insisted that they never had any intention of deserting the coalition.

MP for Shah Alam Khalid Abd Samad said Pas commissioner Datuk Dr Mohd Hassan Mohd Ali attended a meeting with Datuk Seri Dr Khir Toyo to pre-empt any attempt by Umno to used foul means to nullify the election.

Selangor Pas had full knowledge of the meetings initiated by Umno and they were encouraged, as a strategy, to prevent those unhappy with the election results from resorting to anything drastic.

“Fears of another May 13 were circulating and discussions were kept going as a ploy, to prevent it from becoming a reality,” Khalid who is Selangor PAS Deputy Commissioner (2) told a press conference today at the Pas Shah Alam branch, Also in attendance were Dr Mohd Hassan and other newly elected Pas assemblymen.

However, Khalid refused to disclose where the meetings were held but said they received the first invitation last Sunday.
Pas, he insisted, was always committed to the election pact with DAP and PKR.

Dr Mohd Hassan refused to comment on the topic except to strongly deny allegations over the internet that Pas had considered deserting the coalition.

“There was never our intention and we have remained committed to our coalition partners,” he said.

In the meantime, all elected Pas representatives must openly declared their assets and interest within three months to Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

“PAS Exco members will not be allowed to be involved in any businesses to avoid conflicts of interest,” he said. “Exco members will be required to relinquish their positions and interest in private companies.”

Dr Mohd Hassan said PAS representatives will also be required to contribute 30 per cent of their allowance to help the needy.

PAS has not demanded any Exco positions in Selangor. “We are aware we have the least seats among the coalition so we are waiting for the Menteri Besar to decide,” he said.

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tanahmelayukita said...

PAS must have been in DILEMA since making significant gains in PRU12. The Islamic-based party never anticipated that it would have to form a collision with DAP in order to deny BN the power to rule over certain states.

Prior to 1998, PAS was opposed to any idea of working with either the KAFIRS(non-Muslims)parties or even Malay parties which carry banner of nationalism. PAS used to decree that Muslims who take 'the kafirs' as partners, would become INFIDELS. The main reason for PAS not accepting UMNO right after independence was merely because of UMNO's willingness to work with MCA and MIC. For PAS, the newly independent Persekutuan Tanah Melayu should be handed over to Malays only, instead of having to share with the Chinese and Indians.

When UMNO splitted up into two factions in 1987, PAS snatched the opportunity to weaken UMNO by supporting the breakaway faction which formed the Parti Melayu Semangat 46. To justify the political alliance with Semangat 46, PAS declared that Semangat 46 had accepted Islam as 'Ad-Deen' or 'complete way of life'. Despite Semangat 46 forging alliance with DAP under the name of Gagasan Rakyat, PAS was only willing to work directly with Semangat 46 under Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah.

However, PAS departed from their long-held stand of not working with non-Muslim party after the sacking of Anwar from UMNO in 1998. Apparently, it was due to common fight against INJUSTICE. Despite that, DAP never accept PAS's mission to establi

Prior to 1998, one of the reasons used by PAS to justify their struggle against UMNO was on the ground that UMNO took MCA and MIC as partners. PAS used to decree that Muslims who take 'the kafir' as partners would become INFIDELS.

How to justify working with DAP who is known to oppose the setting up of Islamic State as envisaged by PAS.