Monday, May 26, 2008

Impressed by wives’ support

The Malay Mail (11/3/2008): I refer to your article ‘Standing tall behind their men’ in The Malay Mail yesterday.

There is a supportive woman behind every successful man and this was proven by the women who were willing to sacrifice their time to help ensure that their husbands’ campaigns went well.

I am impressed by their strength and perseverance. Their efforts are worthy of note.

For example, Dr Zaitun Abu Bakar, resigned as an associate professor at Universiti Malaya to help her husband, the new Shah Alam MP Khalid Abd Samad, as well as moving from Petaling Jaya to Shah Alam to be closer to the constituents.

I believe her sacrifice will make a difference in Khalid’s political career.

Kudos also to Kota Alam Shah State assemblyman M. Manoharan’s wife for helping him. The 46-year-old S. Pushpaneela campaigned for Manoharan, who is being detained in Kamunting..

I admire her willingness to campaign for her husband. No doubt, it must have been a tough task for her, but Pushpaneela has proven that women are capable of doing anything.

Every woman in Malaysia should emulate their perseverance and spirit.

Women in Malaysia must realise that they can contribute to the country’s economy and development.

High-spirited women like Dr Zaitun and S. Pushpaneela have proven the extent of their abilities and maturity in helping their husbands.

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